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Louie Vega (of MAW, Elements Of Life, Nu Yorican Soul)

5th June 2011

Hello Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful interviews. I read all three Soul Survivor Magazines and have to say I’m a fan. Love hearing such knowledgable info and stories from all my heroes. Keep in touch. Louie Vega

Marlon McClain (of Pleasure)

30th April 2014

Hey Fitzroy, what a pleasure speaking with you today. I look forward to the article. We share a common thread for the love of music, thanks for the continued support. Best Marlon

Dele Sosomi (Ex Fela Kuti keyboard player)

30th April 2015

Hi Fitzroy What a breath of fresh air it was speaking to you. Thank you very much

Sue Chrispin (Soul Survivor member since 2010)

2nd February 2016

I’m on the train reading SS and I love that you’ve included a tribute to Bowie

Bob James

20th September 2011

Hey Fitz, Nice chatting with you today. Warm Regards Bob James

Lonnie Liston Smith

24th August 2013

Hi Fitzroy, I want to thank you personally for the   first class interview you did with me in The Soul Survivors. You should put it on the internet. I consider this article on me one of the all time best. Astral Travelling Lonnie Liston Smith

Karen Taylor (Soul girl and Facebook friend)

13th September 2015

Fitzroy it was fabulous seeing you last night sir. Darrell gotta say your Funk Box article in Soul Survivors Issue 60 cracked me up, if you guys don’t read this publication, beg steal borrow or subscribe as its a fabulous read. cheers to the Soul Survivors Team for all you hard work x

Alicia Myers (of Al Hudson & One Way)

9th October 2014

Thanks you so much for the five tracks. I love them all!! The Susu remake is one of the best id not the best I’ve heard. Thank you so much or the fun interview and look forward too meeting you. take care Alicia

Leroy Hutson

28th November 2010.

Hello Fitzroy, just wanted to let you know that you were the star with my family this weekend :O) The women in my family love your voice, and very smooth and classy style. And again I say thanks fro the tribute and hope to see you again soon Peace. LH

Patrice Rushen

2nd August 2011

Fitzroy… Thanks for the photo and I read the great interview. Appreciate it. Thanks & best Patrice

Linda Clifford

17th April 2013

Hi Fitzroy, Wow it was such a joy speaking with you today. Talk to you soon! Hugs Linda

Caron Wheeler (of Soul II Soul)

29th June 2012

Hi Fitzroy, your questions were great and set up (hopefully) interesting answers from moi, lol. The way you posed the questions inspired me to recall so much more that I expected. I was surprised you knew so much about my contribution to the Soul II Soul works and some of the drama surrounding them so you made my day. I enjoyed the interview a lot, as you’ve done your research and weren’t just asking me about the more well known hits, but looking for more of a story and going in on what really happened with “Keep On Moving”. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone ask me quite the way you did so well done. Can’t wait to read your editorial. Thanks for your lovely email Blessings Caron.

Jean Carne (Philadelphia soul queen)

3rd August 2010

Hows my favourite Magazine Mogul? Wishing you all the best!! I’m proud to join in celebrating your success. Hugs and music Jean

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