Greetings on this mid Bomb The Bass. ‘ Winter In July’ looking Flashback Friday morning. Like the Esther William’s classic ‘Last Night Changed It All’ for me after finally managing to get to see and meet 3 of the remaining other Fab 4 from the home of Brookside Liverpool, Eddie & Chris Amoo and Dave Smith of The Real Thing( the name inspired after seeing the Coca Cola sign in Piccadilly London). I had previously interviewed Eddie in 2011 and spoke with his brother Chris the lead vocalist last year. We spoken on the phone and communicated via email but ‘ Never’ like Centrestage ( great Patrick Adams’ disco classic ) met. Their history is an interesting one coming from L8 Liverpool. Eddie Amoo as a teenager was a part of an all black accapella Doo Wop act called The Chants as far back as 1962 who performed at the famous Cavern venue and massively impressed The Beatles. So much so The Beatles asked to back them and The Chants ended up being managed by Beatles manager Brian Epstein.
Fast forward a decade like an old school TDK tape, Eddie’s younger bro Chris co founded Vocal Perfection which Eddie eventually joins and they become The Real Thing. They release ‘Vicious Circle’ on Bell Records and end up on the reality TV of the time platform Opportunity Knocks. Beaten by a yodeller and undeterred, TRT end up having a world wide hit with ‘U 2 Me R Everything’ written by Ken Gold. They worked and toured with David Essex and War Of The Worlds Jeff Wayne and penned a classic covered by MJ Blige, Courtney Pine and EWF’s Philip Bailey, the socially conscious bad by ‘ Children Of The Ghetto’. They decided embarrassingly (management decision) to ‘ Let’s Go Disco’ for Joan Collin’s film ‘The Bitch’ but redeemed them selves with ‘Can You Feel The Force?’ , my first ever bought 12 inch and my fave and underestimated ‘Boogie Down’. I’ve always been a closet ‘secret lemonade drinker’ esq fan of the group and in particular Chris’s Teddy Pendergrass gravel like voice. 
The concert at Jazz Cafe was brilliant with women acting ‘Young And Foolish’ regressing like Benj Button to acting like crazed love crushed teenagers. Chris’s lead vocal is untarnished after 40 plus years and Dave and Eddie’s vocal BV’s and harmonies, are like their previous name, that of ‘Vocal Perfection’ The concert was filmed as part of a documentary on TRT by Teddy Bear productions, and I had the honour of presenting the group with the well deserved Best Male Vocal Group of 40 years Soul Survivors Magazine Award from Feb 2017, on stage with them last night. It was great meeting the guys last night and you can catch them bank holiday weekend August at Soul Train in Bristol regardless of whether you’re a ‘Plastic Man’ , ‘Saint Or Sinner’ or travelling from ‘ Stanhope Street’. It’ll be worth it like L’Oréal as ‘ You’ll Never Know What You’re Missing’ should you if ‘ Don’t Go’ as sung by Sheila B Devotion !!

Here is a collage of photo’s reflecting the before during and after of what was thankfully a very successful Soul Survivors Magazine Awards event, featuring the debut performance of The Brit Funk Association. The first three images were all taken on the night by our official photographer Clifford Irving Snr. The 4th features a mixture from Clifford, Jidi Knee Deep and a few soul surviving David Bailey’s and Lord Litchfields. We Jump back and ‘Do It Again’ like Steely Dan with the venue booked already for 2017’s awards in 2018. Hopefully ‘There’s A Reason’ why you’ll be there for in good ol’ ‘London Town’ for some more dancing and ‘Swingin’ because this particular ‘British Hustle’ ensured everyone attending had a good ‘Time’. If this doesn’t make you wanna go..please ‘Somebody Help Me Out’ as to why??


Award Winners and Runners-Up Soul Survivor Awards 2016 – Feb 2017 UTB
The Brit Funk Association debut before showtime and live on stage at the Soul Survivor Magazine Awards Feb 17th 2017 at UTB

It’s very humbling despite the odd disgruntled outcries of The Soul Survivors Awards 2017 being rigged from the initial nomination and voting process’s, publicly and behind closed doors, to share these words of kindness. We experienced accusations and questions including it being a fix, a southern thing, sorting out mates (really?) and why weren’t we nominated?. Despite there being a clear manifesto of how it worked on social media and the website, You tube video’s and various radio adverts, bar taking out an advert in Metro, The Evening Standard or on the sides of taxi’s and London red buses , not sure how the disgruntled ones were not aware. Oh did I mention there was an attempt of bribery too? Despite all the time consuming deciphering and collating the votes and weeding out the spam, we will continue to endeavour and do more to publicise the event for 2018, because we are hard as nails like that. Regardless of those discrepancies, these we some of the many kind words that reflect on how The Soul Survivors Awards 2017 impacted on nominee’s winners, band members and fellow soul survivors. To those we thank you for the love and the support it is much appreciated.

“Hi Fitz, Well done with the event last night. You and your team deserve a big pat on the back.
Kind regards, Robbie” (Robbie Vincent) Soul Survivors Magazine Award winner Master Of The Airwaves

“Hi Fitzroy, I hope that you have recovered from your very hectic weekend and have now had time to appreciate what a successful event you had . Congratulations and continued success to you. Well Done. Greg” (Greg Edwards)Soul Survivors Magazine Award winner Master Of The Airwaves


























“Runner Up for the best Live concert in the UK in 2016!! First place was Stevie Wonder! Hey I’ll take that praise god!” Howard Hewitt (Shalamar)





































“I also want to say a huge well done for up’in your game re the awards. You’ve rightly made them a bigger deal and people are taking them very seriously now. Looks like you had a great turn-out too, so very well done mate, be proud of what you’ve achieved, our scene deserves a proper awards…..and you’ve delivered them #beproudandenjoyyourmoment” Bob Masters (Revenge Of The Soulboy & Ibiza Soul Holiday)


“WHAT AN HONOR!!! AND TO BE RUNNER UP TO STEVIE WONDER OVER MARY J AND MAXWELL??? OMG!!!!! SPEECHLESS…. Fitzroy Anthoney Facey THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!” Carolyn Griffery (Shalamar) Runners up in the Best UK concert and International act 2017)

“As I slowly surface with a massive hangover, I’d just like to thank everyone who voted Soul by the Jetty the No.1 UK Soul Club outside London again at the Soul Survivors Magazine Awards, it’s fair to say that me, Mark Messent and Brian Kelly are chuffed! Congrats to all who were nominated in all categories and special mention to Brian Rix and Caister Soul Weekenders who won again and the godfather Chris Hill who won a lifetime achievement award alongside Greg Edwards, DrBob Jones and Robbie Vincent. Thanks to Fitzroy Anthoney Facey and the SSM team who put on a brilliant night – it was off the hook!!” (Jonny Layton Soul By The Jetty Winner of Best Soul Club outside London 2017)


“Just having a melancholy moment……Thinking about how this very day one year ago I was in hospital after suffering a heart attack (caused by a random blood clot). Now YOU, the very people who got me through that difficult time with your beautiful messages of good will have now made me a MULTI AWARD WINNER!! Thank u all from the bottom of my (now strong beating) heart <3 (I wish I coud hug u all!…..Maybe I will…lol” Georgie B (Best UK Soul album 2017)






“An absolutely awesome night of entertainment, nostalgia and well earned recognition and accolades. Soul Survivors Magazine Awards ceremony led by the super humble Fitzroy Anthoney Facey was an absolute honour to attend. For me, simply seeing faces i’ve not seen for decades, iconic names that were more mythical and folk legend to me than real, made the event a cut above some of the award ceremonies i’ve attended in the past. Well done to the winners, big ups to those nominees and a massive shout out to those that enjoyed the evening just as much, if not more than I did.” Jide Knee Deep (DJ, photographer and videographer)

“Big shout to Fitzroy and the whole Soul Survivors team Anna B, Fat Freddie M. The Awards show was very cool indeed. I linked up with people I have not seen since Black Market days (91-96) Cleveland Anderson..Bob Jones..Kwame (D-Influence) to mention a few..Thank you to Tony Monson (Solar radio) and Carl Webster (Starpoint Radio), Mike Ashley and Paul Alexander (Soultrain radio). Thanks for letting me know that the KFP-Enterprise compilation is getting a lot of airplay from there DJ’s !! I’ve been asked to re-join or guest on these stations as well as . Big up all the winners, some of the real people that put the music on the map. Roy Ayers, Dez Parkes, Patrick Adams, Jean Carne, Stevie Wonder, Chris Hill, Greg Edwards, Robbie Vincent, Ash Selector etc etc. Also Kenny Wellington & the band was rocking…A good night in London !!” (Barry King DJ, Journalist & KFP Consultant)




“Great way to start the New Year. Thank you, Fitzroy and The Soul Survivor Magazine from London in the UK for The Consummate Purveyor of Black Music Award in recognition of my 50 years in the music industry.” Patrick Adams (Disco Messiah music producer, writer and remixer)






























“After attending The Soul Survivor Magazine Awards on Friday can’t be bothered to watch The Brits, it won’t even come close!” (Steve Humphrey Runner up of best Facebook group 2017 )22 February at 21:09



“Soul Survivor Magazine Awards. Many Many Many Many Thanks to everyone that nominated and voted. Over 2000 messages of congratulations in the past week. To say I’m humbled is an understatement & I’m still taking it in.” Ash Selector(Multi Award winner 2017)


“Thanks to Fitzroy Anthoney Facey Anna Benton John our stage manager, all the organisers, our personal caterers who provided us with and excellent meal compliments of the organisers. But most of all a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ATTENDED TO MAKE THIS NIGHT HAPPEN. XX” (Patrick Mclean band member of The Brit Funk Association)


There was no other way, or place to celebrate my birthday, let me tell you! My group of family and friends were literally last men standing; not wanting to leave. The remarkable still hunky funky Brit Association had us dancing non stop to classic after classic AND it was an honour to witness the deserving award winners, people I’ve admired for decades, being recognised for their achievements/contributions to the ‘MUSIC’. I am a huge fan of the Soul Survivors magazine and I knew that celebrating my birthday, on the same day of their Awards would be perfect (and perfect it was)
Well done Fitzroy, it had to be done and we look forward to 2018! (Tessa ‘Enchanta’ Joseph earthday girl 17th Feb)


It really was a Throwback Thursday on 27th October 2016. I really had and ‘Eddycation’ chatting with musical genius and social commentating activist, Guyana’s favourite son Eddy Grant. This photo was taken by his daughter Pauline Grant at the end of our very intimate and afternoon soiree at a coffee house establishment in Dalston east London. This will be documented in issue 67 for the festive December 16 – January 17 issue of The Soul Survivors Magazine.


My next royal appointment was to meet the mighty three T’s, Tavares, The Four Tops and The Temptations at the 02 in Greenwich. I was offered tow pairs of seats one in the VIP lounge way up in the balcony top and a pair in block B row N to the right of the stage near the front, whats a boy to do?  ‘It Only Takes A Minute’ to have decided upon the option of being nearer. Tavares were for me the premier performing act with Chubby on lead vocals, they were smooth polished and reminiscent of the panache of that classic old school ‘doo woo’ quartet era they come from. Both the The Four Tops and The Temps gave an equally all singing and dancing performance and I was fortunate to have a ringside few at stage level 10 feet away, courtesy of Tavares’s manager David Oriola. Having met Ralph and Chubby Tavares, here we proudly display my interview with Ralph Tavares in the current Royalty issue. Unbeknown to me I then bump into The Temptations’s musical director, the legendary McKinley Jackson of The Politicians, as we left the backstage area. Sometimes..just sometimes ..I really like my job and vocation in life being married to my spiritual wife MUSIC!!

Me & Eddy IMG_4222IMG_6449kre8iv4ceIMG_6744kre8iv4ce




The Soul Survivors Magazine was cordially invited to attend the Afropunk festival at Ally Pally aka Alexandra Palace in Hornsey North London. Not having attended before I had to do some research and acknowledged that the name suggests like Ron Seal that this gig does what it says on the tin. Although on arrival it was quite a mixed cosmopolitan audience, it was very noticeable that many of the younger generation were a very trendy and enthusiastically dressed one of the Diaspora persuasion. For a moment seeing so many in their varied fashion attire it smacked of the early 1977 Punk era that was predominantly Caucasian here in the UK, who frequented London’s Kings Road, Camden High Street and Oxford Street. I was mightly impressed and felt like I blended in with the wallpaper camouflage of dedicated followers of fashion, with my bikers jacket, black kilt and calf length double buckle militant boots..Phew!! I saw a few old school faces from 35 years back but mainly an audience that dressed to thrill and “Dance To The Music” like Sly & The Family Stone in an indoor Woodstock ambience.




There are no prejudice boundaries so people come as they dare straight or gay, black and white who unite and fight for the freedom of expression. There was no attitude as the media portrays negatively when such a gathering collate in an organised auditorium, just pure Incognito “Smiling Faces” and a mission to “Dance Dance Dance” like Chic. In between the performing acts the Dj’s were playing some current lowdown hip and RNB beats alongside some classic late 1990’s and early 2000 club classics, that took me ‘Back into time’ like Jimmy Castor. The fashion stalls were amazing with some talented individuals advertising and selling they wares. There were three arena’s and the first major main act I saw who filled the room was Laura Mvula.




I’m not pretending to know her music but the audience seem to be getting off on it and she embraced them like a mother would her baby in her arms. The highlight for me was getting close to the front stage in the main outside arena to see the girl from Spanish Town in Jamaica, who could make you “Cry Now, Laugh Later”. 40 years in the business “Ladies And Gentleman Miss Grace Jones” was awesome. She was certainly worth waiting for and with her vast catalogue she opened with the mammoth dub monster produced by Sly & Robbie from the titled album “Night Clubbing”.  My gosh it sounded monstrous and Grace showing a bit of “Nipple To The Bottle” with her painted afrocentric artwork body was more commanding the Queen Elizabeth.



Breathtaking show with plenty of costume changes and professional equilibrium was on offer from the starting gate as she went through a blistering set of her incredible repertoire. Being a fan and having played her music over my 30 years of Dj-ing I was not sure what she would do…but was not “Sorry” in the least that she did “My Jamaican Guy”. With Don-E on the keyboard stabs and a very tighter than spray jeans band, Grace showcased her “Portfolio” of fashion, art, dance and music to the delight of her “The Apple Stretching” fans. Grace’s interaction was humorous and personal as well as entertaining. Never one to shy away from shock culture, Grace’s athletically built male pole dancer in ‘Nuthin But A G String Baby’ and a simulated painted body added to an already incredible show. His strength on the pole doing vertical poses and climbing the pole like Spiderman was impressive, and Grace showed no shame in cavorting erotically with him having a good “Feel Up” as she sang the appropriately titled “Pull Up To The BUMper”.

File 26-09-2016, 18 05 19



Fantastic show and everyone I’m guessing was happy to be a “Slave To The Rhythm” of Miss Grace Jones’s captivating performance. I must say huge thanks to Don-E for arranging for myself and Soul Survivors IT and photographer consultant extraordinaire Anna B to have five minutes with Grace Jones in her dressing room. She was very gracious and was happy when I gave her the copies of the Prince and Muhammed Ali specials of The Soul Survivors Magazine. It truly was a case of “Ladies And Gentlemen: Miss Grace Jones” has entered the building!! #Afropunk#afropunklondon






Celebrating 10 years like The Soul Survivors Magazine this summer Margate Soul Festival Weekender had the best weather for the annual celebrations. In conjunct with Mi Soul Radio, Eli Thompson and Mick Bradley has tirelessly made sure they put the soul into Kent’s soulful seaside town pulling out a few stops. With the aid of my longtime fellow Knight Of The Cameo Sound Table,  Perivalian neighbour and friend Cleveland Anderson supplying some of the creme de al creme performing artists, Jean Carne, Shirley Jones and CC Pensiton, the weekend  was most certainly a festive one. Well done to all who contributed Dj’s, performers  and audience participators alike. I had turntable duties at my resident Lighthouse Bar Friday & Saturday and a Sunday night slot in more intimate The Black Cat club. I certainly enjoyed digging in the crates on all three occasions and you can revisit or enjoy what you missed via my Mixcloud posts. here are some Slave “Snap Shot” moments with some of the artist backstage as I was working harder than Dolly Parton’s “9-5” catching up on the goss!! I gotta say a big thanks to Jean Carne who shamelessly plugged The soul Survivors Magazine on stage during her set when she spotted me in the audience. I was beaming like a Cheshire but was also slightly embarrassed, however grateful that Jean did that selfless act during her set. lets see if the subscriptions rise due to that kind of endorsement. I think I’d look at booking ya tickets now before it’s a case of a Jackson’s “Heartbreak Hotel” trying to find accommodation as it goes quicker than Usain Bolt !!





















Jean Carn @ The Winter Gardens Saturday evening. Catching up with Kathy Sledge after her great showcase & hanging with the very gifted vocal songstress CC Peniston!!

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender

I have  been blessed over the years to meet and play for some of my musical inspirations. Quite a few from The James Brown Revue including Martha High and Maceo Parker in recent years at Under The Bridge in ‘blue is the colour manor Chelsea SW6. But having interviewed Fred Wesley about 3 years back I was looking forward to hearing him for the first time. Fred is up there in his own right with another amazing trombonist the late Crusader’s co founder Wayne Henderson and to interview play and then meet him was humbling. Given “Blessed Blackness” by his creator Fred and his new JB’s reminds all 400 plus people in attendance why he is one of the smoothest and funkiest horn players on the planet. Myself and Akin were in our element getting our albums and in my case also getting my interview with him signed, as well as being impressed with his “Slick” like Ramsey Lewis horn chops. Fred did some of the old grooves like “Chicken”, “Gimme Some More” & “Pass The Pea’s” and some new fan dangle funk bits and the brothers got soul for sure. Included in this blog is a link to my Cameo “Funk Funk” set which I enjoyed immensely, making me think of doing an out an out funk night so watch this space Ahite!!

Fitzroy’s “Funk Funk” Set


I was contacted by the lovely Svetlana of Robomagic to advertise in our Soul Survivor Magazine, Nile Rodger’s very first Fold Fest of many to come events in Fulham Palace, “Apparently Nothing” like the YD’s anything short of being the first live event to be held there. So I visited Friday’s instalment which fortunately was a very Bill Withers “Lovely Day” and saw the lovely slim and trim new and improved Alf aka Alison Moyet of Yazoo. She still sounds good and I was a fan of her back in the day, so it was the icing on the cake when she did “Don’t Go”. IMG_3240Chic featuring Niles,     came on and did two hours of all the classics including “I Want Your Love”, “Everybody Dance”, “Le Freak” and a fave of mine “Chic Cheer”. The audience was mature with some young attendee’s loving Nile’s education on his history writing David Bowie’s “Lets Dance, Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” and “Soup For One” the sample to Modjo’s “Lady”. I had turntable duties at another all day charity festival on Saturday so I missed out but returned like the prodigal son on Sunday. This was a lot busier even with the threat of potential rain, Fold Fest drew in so many more people. I caught up with Bluey of Incognito before he went on stage and with his universal Benetton loving outfit, they were making sure everyone had “Smilin’ Faces” performing classic old pieces lil “Don’t You Worry Bout A Thing”, “Colibre” and The very moving 90’s classic “Still A Friend Of Mine”. Showcasing the groups vocal talent Incognito performed new material from their new album which seem to go down well.




After Grace’s appreciated performance and some seductive disco and funk sounds from the DJ (soz couldn’t find your name on the flyer), Chic returned back on stage ensuring that everybody did “Dance Dance Dance” as we awaited the arrival of the USA’s precious soul emerald, the “Black Diamond” Angie Stone. Prior to her arrival on stage it had been drizzling but not enough for people to leave. Angie had a 10 hour flight after a performance from Chicago and left Heathrow in the UK 8.30pm and was due on stage at 9.10pm. With a few minutes overtime Angie came on and her first song aptly was “No More Rain” and providentially the rain had stopped. You couldn’t make that up!! I was sitting with my Triple A pass right in the photographer pit happy snappin’ more than than Lord Litchfield and David Bailey. Me and my mate JD toasted Angie when she sang the universally celebrated Willie Hutch Brother’s “Gonna Work It Out” anthem “Brutha” with impromptu solo’s from Nile Rodgers and the


IMG_3380  keyboardist. Angie sang “I Wish I Didn’t Miss You Anymore” to close her session before Nile’s performed “Le Freak” with an entourage of fans on the stage. I managed to catch a selfie with Niles, who I interviewed 5 years plus back, and caught up with Angie yesterday 27th June for a personal interview. Filmed live by the multifaceted talents of Fair Trade For Music’s Anna B, this interview will be showcased on this website as well as featured as editorial in the forthcoming August & September issue of The Soul Survivors Magazine. Here you can see the delight on Angie B’s face when I presented her with a drawing I did last year, with an expression that says “I Wanna Thank You”. You’re most welcome Angie Stone. Big thanks to Steve Ripley of Soul Food for organising a chat with Angie Stone