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When Akin & Fitzroy Two "Little Boy Black" Men Met Fred Wesley Talkin' Bout Some Of That Ol' "Same Beat" & "Funky Music Is My Style"

I have  been blessed over the years to meet and play for some of my musical inspirations. Quite a few from The James Brown Revue including Martha High and Maceo Parker in recent years at Under The Bridge in 'blue is the colour manor Chelsea SW6. But having interviewed Fred Wesley about 3 years back I was looking forward to hearing him for the first time. Fred is up there in his own right with another amazing trombonist the late Crusader's co founder Wayne Henderson and to interview play and then meet him was humbling. Given "Blessed Blackness" by his creator Fred and his new JB's reminds all 400 plus people in attendance why he is one of the smoothest and funkiest horn players on the planet. Myself and Akin were in our element getting our albums and in my case also getting my interview with him signed, as well as being impressed with his "Slick" like Ramsey Lewis horn chops. Fred did some of the old grooves like "Chicken", "Gimme Some More" & "Pass The Pea's" and some new fan dangle funk bits and the brothers got soul for sure. Included in this blog is a link to my Cameo "Funk Funk" set which I enjoyed immensely, making me think of doing an out an out funk night so watch this space Ahite!! " target="_blank">Fitzroy's "Funk Funk" Set



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