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Ultimate Christmas Party with Cheryl Lynn and Evelyn “Champagne” King at Indigo 2, London

Cheryl Lynn
Cheryl Lynn

19th December 2015, Indigo 2 Greenwich, London This was a long awaited gig featuring two powerhouse 1970’s and 80 powerful vocal bold soul sisters. Cheryl Lynn after 20 year hiatus to the UK and doing her first historical gig as the headline act, doubled up with Evelyn Champagne King and support act Chanel with the intent to “Shake It Up” and “Get Loose” with some retro classics.

It was very busy and I was on call with Victor Anderson to warm the audience before a demure Chanel performed eloquently “My Life” and a couple of her repertoire with strong conviction. Evelyn who is no stranger to The UK or Indig0 in recent years strutted her stuff and belting out with a smile her catalogue of hits including “Shame”, “I’m In Love”, “Love Come Down”, “Betcha She Don’t Love You and to my delight “I Don’t Know If It’s Right”.  Cheryl Lynn opened with a melody of “Sweet Kind Of Life” from “Sharks Tale” and was feeling the groove with some quirky shoulder moves on stage. Naturally she sang “ Got To Be Real”, “Shake It Up” and “Encore” her massive hits. Cheryl’s voice is stlll very powerful and it was good to hear her live for the first time. Calvin Francis Stretch Taylor, Scott James and Peter P spun the jazz funk and soul classic till 2am. Hats off to Orlando and Scott James who were both serenaded by the ladies on stage, it was a nice start to the festive season!!

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