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Throwbaak Sat 10th of and Earth Wind & Fire "September" 2016 @ 100 Club W.1

Remember Remember the 10th September as thats when I return to Throwbaak with Dj 279 at an old stomping ground I frequented in 1980. Dj 279 were well aware of each other previous to our dj venture in Greece around 1998-1999. We shared an apartment and did a few clubs together working for Zoo Entertainment. Apart from the late DJ Swing and Shortee Blitz at that point in my life, I had never seen a Dj scratch and mix effortlessly like DJ 279. The mans got ill skills for sure and he invited me about 2 years back to do Throwbaak at its previous home in POW Brixton. So this 'Snoop & Dre "Next Episode" I'm certainly looking forward to.."Going back to my roots" like Lamont Dozier musically and in my early dancing days at The 100 Club. I'll defo be digging in the crates and dusting off some vinyl me thinks for the is Gene Chandler "Get Down" on an Oliver Cheatham "Get Down Saturday Night" in the UK's capital..Sooooooh get your Taste Of Honey "Boogie Oogie Oogie" shoes on so you can "Dance Dance Dance" like Chic and "Keep Your Body Workin" like Kleeer You coming or what?


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