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Things Gonna Get Better Street Funk And Jazz Grooves 1970-1977(BGP)

This album is quite a miss mash of black R&B, soul, funk, early disco, blues and jazzy music dichotomy during the late 1970’s. Early indications of a far departure from the more psychedelia of P Funk, Funkadelic sound infectiously raw and sublime instrumental “A Joyful Piece”. Early rap and ad-libbing is the remit of Oliver Sain’s “St Louis Breakdown” funky breakbeat inclusion. “Does Of Soul” from 1973 sounds like advanced mid 70’s disco and in contrast Idris Mohammad’s “I’m A Believer” with a very soulful female lead has hints of late 1950 early 1960s doo wop arrangements. There’s a 7 inch edit of Lonnie Liston Smith’s esoteric “Give Peace A Chance” that’s followed with an equally mystic trumpet and swirling moog synthesised “Skull Session” by Oliver Nelson. Check out the very sensual breathy vocals on “Mucho Macho” and in his true dramatic style Pretty Purdie excels on “Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get”. There are at least two obscure socially conscious cuts “Chains Black & Blues” and an out of key vocally and instrumentation wise ‘Whats The Matter With The World’. Should find find some quality beats in this selection of twenty.


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