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The Saturators 'Stacks' Record Review

Welcome to a fresh new sound from the east coast B-Boy battle grounds of Brooklyn, from an outfit with diversity not only musically, but also culturally. Influenced by the varied rawer edge black music with a touch of rock and pop, The Saturators’ sound is not one to be pigeon holed. Do not be surprised to hear elements of George Clinton’s P Funk to the Gap Band’s G funk, with that live reggae, roots, rock and soul with the TCQ and Diagble Planets hip-hop attitude. ‘Stacks’, opening with an enticing sound of fatness drum break, from respected fusion drummer Colin Taylor, is the epitome of that menagerie. The groove is driven by MC Reddaz’s experienced lyrical Caribbean soca, reggae and hip-hop sensibilities. It’s further supported by funky, rhythmic guitarist Misha Savage and Malaysian musical director, student of Berklee and bass guitarist, Aiman Radzi showing the great musicianship, fusion and synergy within the group. With Brooklyn College’s Matt Composure’s jazz stabs on keys, and Massachusetts’s Theo Moore on congas and percussion, you are destined to head nod like you’re at a hip-hop or rock concert. The audience participating party chant allows Jen C Nas’ ill Brazilian female skills to add a new dimension to this old school flavoured party jam. Guaranteed to rock an amphitheater near you. Check out the link on Soundcloud


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