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The Greatest, The Champ And A Man Who Reminds Us Of When We Were Kings..Ali Bombaye!!

You that know me must know I was going to do this, so I make no apologies for the length of this post. I have been preparing myself for this day for the longest time.. Not wishing it to come but accepting that "Leaving this planet" like Charles Earland is what is inevitable in life. I got the news that the champ was in trouble up on the ropes.. but the rope a dope wasn't going to work this time.. I couldn't feel it in my spirit.. That sucker punch finally made the ultimate impact. Up until around 12.30am this morning I was watching an old VHS video tape of a 1998 recording of a program called " Ali Night" broadcast on BBC TV.. I thought I'd lost this footage but thankfully last night I found it and it has a special meaning. I was approached to do some music research for this production and was credited right at the end of the credits it says music consultant Fitzroy.

I woke up this morning to the news and yet again my son Jamal does something poignant to smooth the pain within, bless you Big Man! Although I never met one of my inspirations it is one of my proudest moments. I was djing at the Jazz Cafe on a Friday shortly after it was broadcast, when a random gent came up to me and said" it was you wasn't it that supplied the music for that Mohammed Ali documentary?" I nervously said yes as he guessed correctly seeing as it didn't mention my full name, and he said "I knew it.. " what was that "Brown Baby" track you put in there, I need to know? " I told him it was Diana Ross and he thanked me with so much gratitude. The other two tracks I included was James Brown " If Ruled The World" and Syl Johnson " Is It Because I'm Black?".

Mohammed Ali for me is " The Greatest Love Of All" icon who touched my life, more so than MJ and JB because of the tranquility he displayed in his life, of knowing oneself totally and not being afraid to go down for the cause of his African people of descent and people period as a humanitarian. He really remains an anomaly with his handsome looks, fighting body machine, his speed his artistry and his articulacy. The way he destroyed Micheal Parkinson on TV was nothing short of one of his greatest victories without physically laying a punch. It's kinda providential and not co incidental that he ends up having Parkinson's disease doncha think?

3 years ago a drawing I did back in 1987 of Ali was the front cover image of my Expansion compilation "The Sound Of Universal Love", that's how much he inspired me. This film and album says it all and George Benson for me sang one of his best deliveries on " the fittingly descriptive" The Greatest Love Of All" from the soundtrack of the film about Mohammed Ali that the champ started in. I knew exactly where this album cover was in my collection so I took a photo and am posting it now. I could say so much more, my thoughts are with his family and his true loyal fans and supporters, but I'll finish with RIPE.. Rest In Peace Eternally Mr " Float Like. Butterfly And Sting Like A Bee" Mohammed Ali


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