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The British Collective

This creme de la creme quintet of soul surviving talent with at least 150 years of musical history between them share a few common denominators. Like Caron Wheeler they are all ‘UK Black’ with West Indian roots and have had successful solo careers, however they join forces to be known as The British Collective. Featuring Don E, Noel McKoy, Omar, Leee John and Junior Giscombe, This has been leaked to me by their Lady Di Dunkley. These Enid Blyton Famous Five are our own homegrown UK’s version of the USA’s BMU (Black Men United) but with something a little extra. They trade places delivering alternative lead vocals and provide great harmonies if you initially check out “Stay” featuring Junior on lead vocal, and Leee John on an almost Imagination sounding 4 floor up-tempo “Higher Love”. They explore different tempos and genres as Noel takes the lead on a lovers rock laced “Tek Her”, and they borrow an interpolation of Junior Giscombe’s “Mama Used To Say” on a poignant fatherly messaged “Papa”. Typical UK rugged ragga funk bass line runs riot through “It Can Only Get Better” and they bless with more than ample justice soulidifying Trevor Walter’s classic lovers rock anthem and first album single release “Love Me Tonight”. Leeee John takes lead on the slow jam “Tell Her” accompanied by a powerful crying in the wilderness ad lib from monsieur Noel McKoy. “Sign Of The Times” is a very catchy two step piece of memorabilia with a very melodic and quite infectious up-tempo “Flow” make this debut album one worth waiting for. Watch this space…


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