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Soul Survivor show 30-10-2017

Greetings on this Wayback Wednesday. As requested by some of those who listened to my show last week. Here is the podcast with playlist..enjoy.Fitzroy Anthoney Facey 1st Hour Tashan-Soul Survivor Starship Orchestra-The Genie Yellow Jackets-The Hornet Kathryn Moses-Lucky Duck Walter Murphy- The Score Donald Bryd-Lansanas Priestess(Victor Rodaso Mix) Johnny Hammond-Los Conquistadores Chocolates(Remix) Tony Allen-Kilode Angela Johnson-On The Radio 2nd Hour Black History Month Special Build & Arc-Always There Gil Scott Heron-Is That Jazz? Sean Khan-What Is Jazz? Cunnie Williams-What Is Black Music? Raheem DaVaughn-Nobody Wins A War Amp Fiddler-Paint The White House Black Michael Jackson-History(Ummha Mix) Buckshot LeFonque-Music Evolution Roy Ayes-2000 Black(Louie Vega Mix) Watsonian & Gill Scott Heron-Pretty Drown Doll/Sprits monologue 3rd Hour Jazzanova-Let Your Heart Be Free Headtop-Sweet Power Players Association -Hustlin’ Remix Cosmic-Ghetto Down Donald Smith-Expansion Lynn Lockamy-Warning Remix TS Monk-Candidate For Love(Mike Maurro Fitzroy Refitz edit) Kennedy Administration-Don’t Forget To Smile Zara McFarland-Peace Begins Within ??-Thought It Was You


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