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Resolution 88 - Synthatheisia Records

I came across this group of unassuming student looking musicians who warmed up for the Blackbyrds at Under The Bridge. They truly are a gifted collective paying homage to jazz fusion of the early Headhunters, Jeff Lorber Fusion and Chick Corea kind. Between them Tom O’Grady and his band of merry men Tiago Coimbra, Afrika Green, Ric Elsworth, Alex Hitchcock and George Cowley, have either studied music have played with, Don Blackmon, Herbie Hancock and Deodato. Surrounding the short interludes “Cosmic Cascade” and In “The Rhodes of Ecstacy” are some authentic productions and unexpected key changes. Varied in tempo their fusion of jazz soul and funk is highly exampled on “Collidoscope”, “Pursuit Of The Jetson Mobile” and a Herbie Butterfly esq slow jazz jam “Sejuicing My Squeeze”. The unpredictable and journalistic matrix cut is “UnRavelling” with its unassuming false mid tempo start that converts to a bass rumbling ferocious HeadHunters Sly simulation bullet. Truly impressive album and must get if you missed the January sales.


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