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Philly's Billy 5th Anniversary

Good morning on this Swapshop Saturday, just spreading the love with a Blue Peter painting I did earlier and a few BP inspired and intended song titles, like strawberry jam on a hot buttered soulful toast, in remembering the musical prophet from Philadelphia Billy Paul.

‘It’s Critical’ that we remember Billy Paul one of the deep and philosophical ‘Black Wonders Of The World’. Billy Paul was for Philadelphia International Records what Marvin Gaye was to Motown, musical griot and deliverer of the the gospel and spiritual truth. Before Tashan kindly gave me his song ‘Soul Survivors’ to use as my radio show theme tune, I’d previously chosen Billy’s version of ‘Only The Strong Survive’ as my intro.

I loved Billy’s voice and smoothness and he was clearly someone who was clearly proud of his ‘Brown Baby’ heritage. Billy most certainly helped to ‘Let The Dollar Circulate’ in Philly International Records and often advised everyone in ‘America( We Need The Light)’. Billy was so full of ‘Enlightenment’ and will be fondly remembered for his effort to ‘’Bring The Family Back’ as he educated many in the ‘Game Of Life’.

Always championing ‘People Power’ whether he was ‘Takin’ It To The Streets’, encouraging the population including ‘Me & Mrs Jones’ to ‘Let’s Make A Baby’, or identifying the phoney ‘False Faces’. Billy Paul had style, a voice of pure ‘Peace Holy Peace’ quality and most certainly for me was a ‘First Class’ act, one of the true ‘Black Wonders Of The World', so 'Thank You For (This Blessing)’ Billy Paul passed 5 years ago today 24th April 2016 R.I.P.E(Rest in Peace Eternally)


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