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One Of Those "Sweeter As The Day's Go By" Moments back in 15-4-2010... Exactly 6 years today 15-4-2016

Greetings on this Froback Friday. Roughly almost to the day this 3 minute movie short footage was taken when I was invited to spend a day in the studio with Shalamar rehearsing for a date at the Purfleet Tavern in Essex back in April 2010. I had already met and interviewed Jeffrey Daniel a few year before but hadn't yet met Howard and Carolyn. It's where I met  like the Fatback Band classic song their "Mr Bass Man" Otto and musical director on guitar in this footage Stelios. We have needless to say been "Friends" ever since. I've had this footage for 6 years and it gets it's 'Homevidwood' film premier today because's Froback Friday and B..  I'll be  delivering some Ingram "Dj's Delight" duties to the 02 Forum in Kentish Town from 7pm till Shalamar come on stage at 9pm for the London leg of their extensive tour. Here they are singing one of my ultimate Shalamar tunes "I Owe You One" and it just reminds me of the first time I heard that tune how those melodies and Howard's lead captivated me back in that vintage wine year of 1979. I now they will do this tonight with some "Full Of Fire" enthusiasm. So if you're thinking of going with your "Friends" or your "Girl".."Make That Move" and join Jeffrey, Carolyn & Howard for the "Shalamar Disco Gardens'' which for one night is the 02 Forum..Doors open a Gwen Guthrie "7th Heaven" pm if you wanna take that experience to the memory bank!! "I Owe You One" Howard, Carolyn & Jeffrey."I Owe You One" Howard, Carolyn & Jeffrey 15-4-2010


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