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Mr 'If It Moves Funk It' is coming?? Are You..??

Greetings it’s certainly a Manic Monday for me, octopus tentacles and more than 24 hours in a day would suffice in a virtual world but back to ‘Reality’ like Monk Montgomery it’s not quite the Mars Bar I used to enjoy..with it being all work hardly any rest and no time for play :o). Anyway I have two great pieces of news to announce that have transpired in the last Kiefer Sutherland ’24' hours. Firstly I had an email from a young man name Robbie may have heard of him who confirmed he is attending The Soul Survivor Awards at Under The Bridge Chelsea SW6 17th Feb 2017 personally, to pick up his lifetime achievement award. Robbie hosted our 2nd awards in October 2011 at Fluid EC1 and was surround by many of his ‘If It Moves Funk It’ devotees. We are pleased and honoured that he will be coming so bring your autograph book :o). Secondly we are pleased to announce that Steve Salvari an original member of Central Line from day dot has joined the line up of the Brit Funk Association performing their debut at the awards and there may be a few more surprises to come still with just over one month and two days till the ‘Final Countdown’ of this historic Brit Jazz Funk revival. I suggest you get your limited concession Shush tickets at £21 asap before they are ‘Gone For The Weekend’ like Trussel. Hurray and Murray comes to coming??.


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