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Luxury Soul 2016 Expansions

I’ll do my best two do an overview of 34 tracks spread over 3 cd’s and pick the highlights from the package. The production levels of this track vary somewhat in the difference between live music and studio input. So to open with a very musical and classic melodic “HeartBreaking - The Sound Principle” featuring the very accomplished vocals of Richard Anthony Roberts of When you Need My Lovin’ from 1997 is a good start. Daniel March’s “Falling” is sung on a very rhythmic drum, high hat dominating and percussive cow bell groove that’s very noticeable. Antwyn’s falsetto sung “Still” has hallmarks of Eric Roberson’s Right Back To You 70’s vibe and this is followed a few tracks later by The Sun Orchestra’s bump and hustle grooved “Can’t Deny It”. CD 2’s selection starts with a very Chic influenced “Call On Me” by The R&R Soul Orchestra which works effectively as does Tom Glide’s very smooth and architect built horns and keyboard dance mix of a great vocal from Candace Wooten’s “Free”. One of two well produced acoustic productions showcases Tony Momrelle and Tony Remy on a Spanish guitar vibe. Different Street and fellow Inconito vocalist and UK answer to Lady T, Katie Leone slithers smoothly on a very cool jazz soul tinged “Yellow Fever”. The most stand out tracks on the whole album, is Nigel Lowis’s superb Philly Salsoul essences remix of The Sensationelle “Crystal Clear to Me”. The vocal and musical synergy make this a very individual retro but contemporary piece of soul in my humble estimation. I commend Marc Staggers on his very true to the original cover of Luther’s “So Amazing” which fortunately didn’t go horribly wrong. CD 3’s “Funky Mahoraja” feat Xantone Black is subltley funky with some retro deep background vocals that make a difference. Carmicheal Musiclover provides the steppers R&B lick with an all seasoned “Unconditional” and the better of two Ian Martin feat Jill Zadeh tracks included “One To One” evokes that 1990’s Total meets Davina old school vibe. I must say the last five wind down tracks from Aaron Parnell, Tracy Hamlin, Tyrone Lee are very infectious, calming and sensual. Dunn Street 1986 “Even A Fool” sounds so right amongst this contemporary selection accompanied by the live version of Kashif’s classic “Help Yourself to My Love” that concludes another eclectic Luxury Soul comp so it’s make ya mind up time like Hughie Green.


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