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Jarrod Lawson Spiritual Eyes Young Pulse and ATN (Dome)

Remixed and revitalised Jarrod Lawson’s “Spiritual Eyes” gets a moog boogie treatment from the new school soul doctors Young Pulse and ATN. The main mix is 9 minutes long with a nice clean punctuated four-floor kick drum and electro moog production. It’s reminiscent of the late 80’s mid tempo house grooves, with stripped breakdowns, ad-libs, instrumentation and build-ups, allowing Dj’s to experiment with this in the mix. In parts I’m reminded of Stevie Wonder’s “Blackman” with the moog keys and bass arrangement and it’s the last two-minute outro breakdown, that massively impressed me, as I imagine dancing to this in my youth 35 years back. Very different to the album mix and useful as an alternative depending on what audience is listening.


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