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Issue 69 of the SS Mag for April & May 2017

Pinch punch 1st of the month and no returns. This is no April Fools joke..issue 69 for April & May 2017 is 'Coming To You Live' like Charles Earland very soon..dedicated to the late 'Minister Of Sensuality'..Leon Ware and featuring news reviews and interviews with The Brit Funk Association, the 'Modfather' Eddie Piller, jazz vocalist Polly Gibbons, KFP's Barry King, African dance queen and vocalist Wunmi and Quadrupal Soul Survivors Award winner Ash Selector aka Ash Sethi..It's going to 'Fabulous' like Jahiem. Before I forget my manners..thanks to Ayshea Scott for making my spirtiual and mental thoughts manifest into a physical one. To get yours subscribe via 11 years in July..we are the 'Quintessential infer provider for the soul survivor'


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