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Happy Earthday Nicholas Cardwell of The Whispers 72 Today

Nicholas Caldwell was born April 5th 1994 in San Francisco. He was a co founder member of Solar Records most successful and consistent male vocal group The Whispers, who originally formed as a vocal quintet before a name change in 1964. Nicholas was a harmonising baritone singer of the group and also the main choreographer. His first performance was for Sly Stone then a Dj in San Francisco and despite passing the audition he declined to join The Temptations. Nicholas penned and arranged quite a few of the groups songs including “Lady”, “Small Talkin’“, “For Romancin’”, “Chocolate Girl”, “Say You (Would Love For Me Too)” and “Give It To Me” as well as for other acts and artist. He wrote, produced and arranged for Collage’s “Do You Like Our Music? / “Get In Touch With Me” albums and Leroy Hutson’s “Nice And Easy”. Nick survived a triple by pass in 2000 but unfortunately passed 5th January 2016. I asked fellow Solar Records recording artist Jeffrey Daniel about his memory of the late Nicholas Cardwell in the current issue 63 of The Soul Survivors Magazine, and this is what he had to say... Soul Survivors: Towards the end of last year we lost some heavyweight artists including Natalie Cole and Nicholas Caldwell of The Whispers who you would have worked closely with being part of the Solar family. How did his passing impact on you? Jeffrey Daniel For me personally Nick Caldwell is a very very dear person. When we used to tour with The Whispers I just used to watch this guy. He was the biggest guy on the stage but the lightest on his feet. And even though his beard covered most of his face when he flashed that smile, it made his teeth so much whiter. I used to be in awe watching him dance specifically as his movement was so remarkable. You never heard of any dramas with him, he was never in a bad mood, he was such an honourable and respected person who had a high level of integrity. I just pray for his soul and celebrate knowing him and for the life that he led as being part of The Whispers.


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