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Greetings on this Trrriiiifffiiiik Tuesday 31st May 2016

Greetings on this Trrriiiifffiiiik Tuesday the last day in the month of my enjoyable Overlord X 14 Days In May soul holiday's experience. I got back Sunday around 6.30 am from anutha dose of "Beefa Feva" episode number 4 with the original Bob Master's At Work's Ibiza Soul in Punti Aribi. Apologies for the late post but I had a gig in Essex Sunday night and didn't get back till 3am and was happily reacquainted with my bed for most of yesterday. I gotta say from meeting Suzanna JudgeNikki Baker and the rest of my Charlies Angels crew at Gatwick on the way out to touching down with them on the return flight, it was obvious we were gonna have some fun in the sun. Having done all 4, this one was special with so many highlights to be documented in the August and September issue of The Soul Survivors Magazine. We had the best weather, some of the most eclectic and diverse music I've heard from a multitude of experimental dj's. "The Ibiza Famille" all 800 certain partied like it was Prince's "1999" and for a mature bunch, we'd put an 18-30's to shame "Dancing and Prancing" like Candido till 4am. I saw so many Incognito "Smilin Faces" and people laugh like they had been watching Norman Wisdom, Carry On films and Fawtly Towers, and many doing the soul can can around the pool area, accompanied by the legendary Disco Duck who brought some his not so ugly ducklings for company. A knighthood for Sir Bob Master is on the cards for delivering a relaxed package holiday for both the customers as well as the DJ's. Thanks for all the kind words re my aftershave lol..and my "quirky fashion attire"..made me smile like a Cheshire. I throughly enjoyed my daily dwellings with Angie LedgisterMichael LedgisterKev Mathews O'Rourke and Lisa Silvester earthday crew, chill axing on the sun beds and plastic deck chairs poolside. Thanks for looking after me!! Brief synopsis of a few highlights firstly to Jo Wallace and Ashley Beedle. I was in the room vibe room when it was empty at the start of your initial debut History Of Black Music set and saw that room pack itself put to the max within that educational hour. It was truly brilliant and reminds me of what the Soul Survivor Magazine has been trying to do for the last 10 years. Loved the pool sets by David Lyn..I got edjumacated musically sir and we shared some great moments with your one liner.."if you like my set I'm David Lyn Lyn..if you don't my name is Fitzroy". Marie Garaccio the Disco Queen had me dancing like I was in my prime dancing days 30 years back with her mixture of "Boogie Oogie Oogie". Dave from 6 Million Steps..I salute you sir. Fiona Hayne''s Gringo in his natty attire always smiling is a reoccurring memory, and for me, the best dancer for a big guy with some sweet footwork that was smooth like MJ's Moonwalk, was Fred from Essex with his fisherman trousers and old school plastic sandals. Cafe Del Mar although I couldn't see everyone as we are boxed in was a tick box and I hope you'll enjoyed my 50 minutes of not so slim shady grey of colourful like my attire music. Can't mention everyone but like Brucie it was 'Good to See You To See You ..Nice' and I look forward to doing the 'Saturday Night Beefa Fever' gig next year.. Fitzroy "Saturday Night Beefa Fever"..look Eddie Pilla's getting his groove on!!


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