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"Good Times" and "No More Rain" with Nile & Angie @ Fold Fest SW6 24-26th June 2016

I was contacted by the lovely Svetlana of Robomagic to advertise in our Soul Survivor Magazine, Nile Rodger's very first Fold Fest of many to come events in Fulham Palace, "Apparently Nothing" like the YD's anything short of being the first live event to be held there. So I visited Friday's instalment which fortunately was a very Bill Withers "Lovely Day" and saw the lovely slim and trim new and improved Alf aka Alison Moyet of Yazoo. She still sounds good and I was a fan of her back in the day, so it was the icing on the cake when she did "Don't Go".

Chic featuring Niles,     came on and did two hours of all the classics including "I Want Your Love", "Everybody Dance", "Le Freak" and a fave of mine "Chic Cheer". The audience was mature with some young attendee's loving Nile's education on his history writing David Bowie's "Lets Dance, Madonna's "Like A Virgin" and "Soup For One" the sample to Modjo's "Lady". I had turntable duties at another all day charity festival on Saturday so I missed out but returned like the prodigal son on Sunday. This was a lot busier even with the threat of potential rain, Fold Fest drew in so many more people. I caught up with Bluey of Incognito before he went on stage and with his universal Benetton loving outfit, they were making sure everyone had "Smilin' Faces" performing classic old pieces lil "Don't You Worry Bout A Thing", "Colibre" and The very moving 90's classic "Still A Friend Of Mine". Showcasing the groups vocal talent Incognito performed new material from their new album which seem to go down well.

After Grace's appreciated performance and some seductive disco and funk sounds from the DJ (soz couldn't find your name on the flyer), Chic returned back on stage ensuring that everybody did "Dance Dance Dance" as we awaited the arrival of the USA's precious soul emerald, the "Black Diamond" Angie Stone. Prior to her arrival on stage it had been drizzling but not enough for people to leave. Angie had a 10 hour flight after a performance from Chicago and left Heathrow in the UK 8.30pm and was due on stage at 9.10pm. With a few minutes overtime Angie came on and her first song aptly was "No More Rain" and providentially the rain had stopped. You couldn't make that up!! I was sitting with my Triple A pass right in the photographer pit happy snappin' more than than Lord Litchfield and David Bailey. Me and my mate JD toasted Angie when she sang the universally celebrated Willie Hutch Brother's "Gonna Work It Out" anthem "Brutha" with impromptu solo's from Nile Rodgers and the

  keyboardist. Angie sang "I Wish I Didn't Miss You Anymore" to close her session before Nile's performed "Le Freak" with an entourage of fans on the stage. I managed to catch a selfie with Niles, who I interviewed 5 years plus back, and caught up with Angie yesterday 27th June for a personal interview. Filmed live by the multifaceted talents of Fair Trade For Music's Anna B, this interview will be showcased on this website as well as featured as editorial in the forthcoming August & September issue of The Soul Survivors Magazine. Here you can see the delight on Angie B's face when I presented her with a drawing I did last year, with an expression that says "I Wanna Thank You". You're most welcome Angie Stone. Big thanks to Steve Ripley of Soul Food for organising a chat with Angie Stone



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