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Friday's Fitztory :Eddy Grant on James Brown

Greetings on this pinch punch first of the month 1st May 2020. Today's 'Friday Fitztory' works nicely as a prelude to my James Brown iSOULated Soul Survivors Showcase on Solar Radio this coming Sunday 3rd May James Brown's 87th earthday 2am-4am. I'll be hosting music, dialogue and chat via a few interviewees recollection in past Soul Survivors Magazine publications, who met and worked with Soul Bro Numero Uno! One fortunate young at the time teenaged artist Eddy Grant has an incredible story. Here is a smidgen of that story, the rest to be broadcast this weekend alongside the other tales of the unexpected. Read and enjoy.. Fitzroy Anthoney Facey

Fitzroy : "How did you manage to get that experience?(meeting James Brown)"

Eddy Grant : "I actually met James Brown when he toured here in 1965-66 and sold James Brown programs in the street. He did two gigs at the Granada Walthamstow and the Granada in Brixton and I was at both of those shows. I met his band, put away all his clothes and cleaned his shoes, as I was part of his valet system with Bobby Bennett who I was working under. James Brown came over said to me “You're that little guy that’s with Bobby”. I said, “Yes.” He asked, “What can I do for you? Do you want an autograph?” and I said, “Yes.” James got Bobby to come back with a press pack and he asked my name. I said “No, don’t do it in my name, sign it to ‘The Equals’”. He said, “Is that a band?” I said, “Yes”. James asked “Are you good?” Now in those days I was full of myself and said, “Yes, we are better than good, but not as good as you”. He said, “Nah, nah you can’t be as good as me, I’m the baddest there is!”

In other words when James was here, or should I say, Mr. Brown was here (Fitzroy laughs because everyone had to address him as Mr. Brown and Eddy corrects himself, even though James Brown is not alive…) I was a fixture in his firmament and I got another education. This was the fixing of me as a performer as I had met the king or the god of all performers, James Brown. James Brown showed me the value of leadership, behaviour, and pride in what you’re doing and in your people. (Fitzroy: “Professionalism.”) Professionalism to the maximum, and stagecraft that is out of this world. Once you’ve had that education, which was literally only for two or three days because he then had to continue his tour in France, and I couldn't go as I was too young, I would have followed James Brown into perdition."

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