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Earthday Celebrations for the two LW's Leon and Lenny

Happy earthday ( one heavenly) to two of LA’s finest. Lenny Williams picture here with his good friend Black Panther co founder Huey P Newton (who’s earthday is tomorrow) is 77 today raised in Leon Ware’s ‘ Why I Came To California’. Once the lead vocalist of the mighty Tower Of Power, Lenny with his incredible falsetto voice, once signed to Motown for one album, eventually went solo and has never looked back. We did an in-depth interview featuring Lenny in issue 18 of The Soul Survivors Magazine in 2009.

In that same issue we featured an interview with the self proclaimed ‘ Minister of Sensuality’ singer & songwriter Leon Ware. He too is a fellow musical Aquarian with the same LW initial as Lenny William born on the same day today in Detroit 1940 who relocated to California. Leon a prolific songwriter wrote the sensual ‘ I Want You’ album for the late Marvin Gaye and also wrote songs recorded by Minnie Riperton, Michael Wycoff and sampled by Tribe Called Quest. Leon passed away a five years ago not long after his earthday and is having a heavenly celebration aged 82. So if you have their music blast them out today to honour these two true soul survivors 🙏🏿🎼


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