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Each One Teach One!! 8th June 2017

Greetings on what is destined to be a his or herstorical memorable Throwback Thursday for many reasons. I found an old issue of The Soul Survivors Magazine from Oct/Nov 2008 issue 14 in the week and had a Paulino De Costa 'De Ja Vu' reflection of how far the magazine has come. I came across this piece I wrote about how I saw things as we approached Black History month of 2008.

Reading it back I was astonished at what I'd written and where that inspiration came from. I suspect some subliminal intake of Stevie Wonder's 'Too High' and 'Birds Of Beauty' lyrics, in particular "There is so much in life for you to feel, Unfound in white, red, or yellow pills, A mind excursion can be such a thrill, You please satisfy, Take a chance and ride,The bird of beauty of the sky"..comes to mind.

There was something sadly providential and not coincidental in me coming across this a few days ago, and in particular the section about knife crime . MC Breed made an inspiring track in 1994 sampling The Isley Brothers 'Lay Away' called 'Teach My Kids'. Today it's dedicated to all members of the COMe yoU aNd I show some UNITY (COMMUNITY), who try endlessly to educate theirs and others around them, about the value of LIFE (Living In Fear of Extinction).

I love "Hip Hop and Rap cause that's where my hearts at" 'Chief Rocker' Lords Of The Underground. It's maybe why I, as a frustrated wannabee rapper (lol), write lyrics better than I spit them. Brass Construction said it in 1975 "Times Are 'Changin' ", and it's so sad and soul destroying hearing about mindless adulthood individuals playing god with peoples lives, and the various lil Ice Cube 'Dead Homiez' or Geto Boyz '6 Feet Deep' TCQ 'Scenario's and Slick Rick 'Children Stories' showcased recently. It's time to do a PE and 'Do The Right Thing' and teach or preach, whatever it takes to get through, because regardless of colour and culture, these male and female Cliff Richard ' The Young Ones' are like what The Blackbyrds wrote 'Future Children, Future Hope' .

Fitzroy Facey Soul Survivors Magazine 8th June 2017


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