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Congrats 'Mr Entertainment' Chris Hill

Although I didn't attend may of the the clubs and event he championed in the 1970's and 1980's, Chris Hill was like a folk law legendary icon, a bandit of the groove, charasmatic loveable rouge like a Dick Turpin highway man or Robin Hood man of the people. His history from Orsett Cock to Lacy Ladys, Goldmine and Caister is something that many from the Essex, Kent and heading towards the Great Yarmouth areas as well as London, still hold dear for championing jazz funk and soul music. I knew Chris more for his record label Ensign that signed so many of the jazz funk royally this country has produced, some of which are appearing at The Soul Survivor Awards as part of The Brit Funk Association. As a reminder Light Of The World, Beggar & Co, Incognito and The Jazz Warriors. I spent two our at Chris's house in 2008 doing a fascinating interview, who regards himself as the consigliere and not the godfather, of the powerful organisation The Funk Mafia. Many Dj's have mimicked his style including Jonny Layton(loud and proud eh Jonny?) and adapted his showmanship. I rang Chris to tell him the news and spoke to his lady Carol, who was very gracious and please that we The Soul Survivor Magazine, are honouring Chris with his lifetime achievement on 17th Feb at The Soul Survivor Magazine Awards, for over 4 decades of being Mr Entertainment. There was a hint that he will be there to pick up his award but I will confirm this once I know for sure. In the meantime we just spreading the love as the 'Info provider for the soul survivor. As you can see we had to give him front cover for issue 12, 9 years  ago in 2008.


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