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Colin Curtis ...Half a century in the soul crease!!

The Soul Survivors Magazine is happy to give a lifetime achievement award to one of the UK norths most respected Cameo 'Knights Of The Sound Table' Colin Curtis. On 17th Feb 2017 at The Soul Survivor Awards, Under The Bridge London SW6, there is an award waiting for one of the pioneering Dj’s from the very early 1970’s Northern Soul Scene, who has been relentless in championing practically every form of so called modern music. He is recognised around the UK for his persistence to educate his audience even if they didn’t get it till 5 or 10 years later. We did a lengthy 2 part interview featured in issues 15 and 35 documenting some of his prolific history. He is revered universally around the country and despite a sabbatical due to ill health at one point, he is still flying the flag as the boy from Stoke who supports my beloved Spurs COYS. 50 years not out!! Congratulations Colin Curtis!! Picture from Colin's Facebook page


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