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Change Reach For The Sky Anthology (Groove Line Records)

Jacques Fred Petrous, Mauro Malavasi and David Romani emulated the forumlar of USA musicians and production team Chic, with the Italian American studio band Change in the late 1970’s and the rest is history. This comp features 28 songs from their 6 albums circa 1980-1985 that hosted lead vocals from Jocelyn Brown, James Robinson, Diva Gray and the late Luther Vandross. CD 1’s first 14 has an excellent selection including “Lover’s Holiday” the extended “Glow Of Love”, “Angel In My Pocket” and “Paradise”. James Robinson’s vocals dominate on most of the following classics and truly was the most consistent lead vocalist albeit a ballad or an up-tempo boogie bullet. “Miracles”, “Heaven Of My Life”, “The Very Best In You” an alternative mix of “Keep On It” and a sensual “Promise Your Love” showcase shows why he reigned supreme up until the 3rd 1982 “Sharing Your Love” album. CD 2 sees James with an evolving 1983 production sounding glorious on “This Is Your Time”, “Don’t Wait Another Night” and a lush two stepping “You’ll Never Realise”. Percussionist Rick Brennan fills the gap taking over the lead vocal reigns on the moog bass influenced “Got To Get Up” until we see the Minneapolis production team of Jam & Lewis’s not so hostile takeover, on the Change Of Heart album, introducing the serene and welcomed female vocals of Deborah Cooper. “Change Of Heart” and “You Are My Melody” the massive club classics had to be on here but I melted like hot cheese in an oven every time when I hear her dulcet tones on the other dynamic duo’s “Warm” and “Lets Go Together”. Deborah continues to hold court on the mesmerising “Mutual Attraction” and Paul Hardcastle’s remix of “Oh What A Feeling” until this comp finishes with Mike Maurro’s remix of “It’s A Girl’s Affair” featuring vocal goddess Jocelyn Brown. Great comp from Wayne Dickson my only gripe is how could you leave off the Burgess cut “You Are My Number One”?


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