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Chaka Khan What Cha Gonna Do For Me BBR

BBR release one of Chaka’s finest early 1980’s albums with a least 5 silver surfing bullets on there and 3 bonus cuts. It features various elements of Chaka’s dynamic range and musical tapestry. There are three covers. The first a Beatles classic “We Can Work It Out” and the second titled cut “What Cha Gonna Do For Me” written by The Average White Band’s Hamish Stuart. Track three is  the boogie bullet “I Know You I Live You” with a reprise and a bonus remix included from her 1989 remix album. The third encounter of the cover kind is a brilliant rendition of Dizzy Gillespie’s “Nights In Tunisia” actually featuring Dizzy Gillespie. In the vein of her early Rufus, I’ve always loved “Any Old Sunday”. Alternative funkiness can be heard on “We Got Each Other” and the Stardust classic’s inspiration “Fate” is one not to sleep on. As bonus two B sides single cuts “Only Once” and “Lover’s Touch” showcase Chaka’s classy primal screaming octaves .


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