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BBC4 screening of "The Vanguard Of The Revolution" about The Black Panthers

Greetings on this Young Holt Trio "Monday Monday", hope y'all had a great weekend. Although I missed my "Breddah from anuda Medda" Akin Shenbanjo Jr posted hast notice up here on FB, I got a phone call last night from Dez Parkes just after 9 pm saying "Fitz check out BBC4, there's a documentary about The Black Panthers that had started a few minutes earlier". With that nudge I leap frogged up the stairs to grab my IPad as I was now gonna have to multitask, whilst I was cooking and seasoning up some finger licking NON Kentucky Fried Chicken. Colonel Saunders has no place in my soul food kitchen..believe. As I watched this airing unfold, much of its content and real life characters shown, reminded me of something I've seen and reviewed in this current issue 62 of The Soul Survivors Magazine. Whilst watching it, did evoke a feeling that many throughout the world regardless of your ethnic background, be you black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish, Eastern European or from anywhere on planet earth, cannot quite relate to the "Black Experience", at the hands of the law enforcement of The USA during those turbulent times in the 1960's. This is a universal and educational piece of North, East, West and South hemisphere world "NEWS" that really happened, and unlike the late Gil Scott Heron said this 'Revolution is being televised' so check the "What's On or Radio Times TV guide for it's repeats. Seeing it on a smaller screen, did throw me a bit of a curved ball but it dawned on me it was the same film I was invited to review and saw in November 2015 as a premier courtesy of Kush Promotions's Marlon Kush Palmer. Now many of you have seen and liked enthusiastically a recent profile photo of me dressed in a Jungle Bros' "Black Is Black" outfit, dark glasses, polo neck, jumper and leather jacket pounding my fists together for the Madonna "Strike a pose" opportunity. That was taken at the premier of a film I reviewed namely "The Vanguard Of The Revolution" a Stanley Nielsen production of epic proportions. It did manage to captivate me in a slightly different way seeing this for a Shalamar "Second Time Around". I wrote this review pre this Sunday's screening, and it's been in the mag since February 1st, but I had no idea this was being shown on Aunty Beeb albeit BBC4. Here is my review and photo's as printed in the latest issue on pages 28-29, I'm glad to say seeing the film again last night, that my unorthodox journalist scrawling's depicted the film with enough clarity, for those who'd be curious about the film to want to see it. Here's the review, like Lalomie Washburn "If You Try It You'll Like It" and hopefully it will galvanise you to watch the "Vanguard Of The Revolution" . Providentially from The Soul Survivors HQ minutes away from Tooting Popular Front's foundation, I say to all where ever you are on the planet despite your ethic background or origin, in the words of Wolfie Smith who used to rasie a pumped fist, and exclaim with pride the trade mark phrase of The BBP "Power To The People". Enjoy..Fitzroy


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