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Arise Sir Robbie of Vincentnuss!!

Many of you soul survivors like myself would have during the 1970's and 1980's grown up on a diet of soulful libations on the radio either pirate or legal. The latter had not many platforms that would galvanise a Funkadelic 'One Nation Under A Groove' community together, and one such integral one was the essential listening to Robbie Vincent Saturday mornings 11.30am-2pm on Radio London. I remember hearing so much great tunes for the first time on his shows, like making me literally run to the bus stop to catch the 297 to Our Price in Wembley and paying £4.99 for the very last Cameo 'Feel Me' album after hearing at 1.55pm 'Throw It Down'. 'Caveman Boogie' Lesette Wilson, 'Endless Flight' Rodney Franklyn and Frode Thingnaes 'Around Once More' eluded me for 26 years with Robbie being the only person I heard playing it. The amount of times I went into a shop asking for Frodig Fignas  didn't make anyone any the wiser. Anyway Robbie is a soul music institutional icon who has served so many education ,millions over the past 40 years. Thats why he's getting a life time achievement award from us and he's actually coming to collect it. So like his catchphrase 'If It Moves Funk it'...hurray and get your limited availability Shush concession £21 ticket asap to celebrate  17th Feb 2017 at Under The Bridge SW6


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