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I have spoken with Angie Stone  quite a few times and documented her ‘Mahogany Soul’ ‘Life Story’ in The Soul Survivors Magazine Issue 65 two years ago. I seen her live quite a few times as well as being blessed to DJ for her at the old Town & Country kentish Town in 2005 and at Indig02 in 2012 when she shared the stage with our UK ‘Souljah Survivors’ Don-e and Omar. I caught up with Angie one of the main headlined acts last night, ahead of her sold out concert at The Roundhouse tonight 6th July for a short and sweet moment. So here is our me at our SS HQ office and Angie at her hotel virtual reality evening soiree ‘teh ta teh’.. enjoy Fitzroy

Hi Angie “Hey Fitzroy Whatssup?” You sound like you remember me? “I do (ok) you did the drawing of me” (yep guilty as charged). Nice to speak with you again. Last time spoke you mentioned in order to tell the story of your first break into the industry with Sequence, that there should be a movie, any developments on that happening and if so who would play you? “There have actually been some talks but whether it materialises into anything phenomenal remaining to be seen. A couple of names have been thrown around but I don’t think they are good choices. I would want someone who resembled me. I know Jennifer Hudson’s name came up once but again I don’t think that she is a befitting choice even though she is one of my fave singers, I don’t think she resembles me enough”. (Ok it’s still in working progress). I have seen you quite a few times at various venues, and it would be fair to say you have huge fan base here in the UK. What is it about performing in the UK as to why you can’t turn down an invitation to perform? “I just love the energy here and the people. I think because I signed my record deal here with J Records, it’s like a home base for me.” I saw you at outdoor The Fold Fest at Fulham Palace Gardens event two years ago. How did you find performing to a more festival loving audience in an open space event as opposed to an indoor R&B soul loving audience? “I love them both but I have to say I love the outdoors best.” 

I’ve recently seen the film Southport weekender film premier One Nation Under A Groove and they have included a part of you performing where you teach the audience how to to the Angie Stone Soul Clap. (“Uhmm Hhmm”) Will you be doing that exercise tomorrow night? “Most definitely.” Out of your vast catalogue what will you be performing tomorrow? “I got a lot of requests and I can’t do them  all. I will be doing melodies of the ‘Black Diamond’ and ‘Mahogany Soul’. For the most part your Angie Stone grooves and we just gonna jam and gonna have fun. I don’t want to give it all away.”

Angie Stone Photo taken by Fitzroy Facey - June 2016 @ Fold Fest Fulham Palace Gardens London
Angie Stone Photo taken by Fitzroy Facey

How long is your set? “It all depends on what the crowd says. It could be short or long. But I”ll have you know that it’s already sold out and that is a big deal for me.” Have you ever done the Roundhouse before? “No I haven’t. I hear there is a festival with other artists here.” Yes there’s quite a few artists lined up like Leroy Hutson, Cymande, Incognito, George Clinton and Lalah Hathaway was earlier in the week. It’s a two week festival which is quite brave considering the World Cup is on. So it’s really good that your event is sold out “So the festival has been going fairly well?” I think it started this week and and by all accounts Lalah Hatahway was a great night. You are one of the headline acts so it’s to be expected that your would sell out. Will you be doing ‘Brutha’? (Angie laughs) “Of course.” Do you have anything new coming out? “Yes I have a new album I have just finished which remains untitled but it’s coming out hopefully before the end of this year.” Last question, when is Angie Stone doing a jazz album? “Probably once I do a gospel album ha ha” Thanks Angie “Thanks Sweetie I look forward to seeing you tomorrow”


 Read the full interview in Issue number 65, available to buy now.

Thanks to Sacha and Rosalia at Hush PR For ticket availability please click on this link


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