Five Eyes TV Interview with Fitzroy (Soul Survivors)

Fitzroy Facey dubbed as a true “Soul Survivor” with over three decades of DJ, remixing, production, compiling, song-writing, journalism, radio, and media presenting experience. Fitzroy “The Original Soul Survivor” Facey carved himself a niche working with live acts. It began at the Mean Fiddler’s Jazz Café in 1991, where Fitzroy Facey supported an eclectic “who’s who” list of world famous musicians from 1970s to the 2000s. Fitzroy Facey’s talents have spread across many sectors of the entertainment and media industries including the 2000 MOBO Awards After Party. Hosting several guest radio shows on specialist Solar, Kiss FM, GLR, and Choice FM. His musical contribution was credited in the 1998 BBC1 ‘Tribute to Muhammad Ali’ documentary, and he also spoke as an authority in BBC 2’s 1991 “Dance Energy” James Brown special. In 2006, Fitzroy Facey co-founded the bi-monthly printed magazine “The Soul Survivors”, which is available worldwide as a download App. Aligning with his passion for music, the publication’s mission is to bridge the gap between the past, present, and future of black music and entertainment; and to raise awareness about the evolving industry. With his unique and unorthodox approach, Fitzroy ‘The Original Soul Survivor’ Facey continues to deliver informative and in-depth interviews with many of the top celebrities.

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