Detention for me..this is a lil ‘Reet Petite’ late entry for Jackie Wilson’s 87th earthday. Here’s a Blue Peter one I drew earlier in Dec 2020. Man had a voice, could dance and had style!!


Born 63 years ago today Prince Rogers Nelson. Here is a lil tribute I wrote using some of his song titles when he passed in 2016 and a Blue Peter/ Take Hart drawing I did earlier in April 20201. Happy heavenly earthday Prince!! It’s a ‘Sign Of The Times’ when ‘Around The World In A Day’ so many tears are shed and we the ‘Girls & Boys’ finally understand the meaning of what is sounds like ‘When Doves Cry’ His Royal Purpleness, declared to the universe ‘My Name Is Prince’ and I am funky from ‘Uptown Minneapolis’, and your ‘Love Bizarre’ affinity with my music and artistry will be the ‘Greatest Romance Ever Sold’. With plenty lyrics of ‘Controversy’,’Sexuality’ and ‘Love 2 The 9’s’, Prince let everyone know that he was an unashamed ‘Sexy MF’. Women all over ‘Planet Earth’ worshipped him from the time he advised them all ‘I Wanna Be Your Lover’. ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In the World’ would beg please ‘Do Me Baby’, as you make me so ‘Soft & Wet’, ‘I Would Die For You’ ‘Sweet Baby’ and I’m so hungry ‘For You’, that ‘Breakfast Can Wait’. Albeit ‘Starfish & Coffee’ with ‘Cream’, Prince most certainly could convert a nun into a ‘Nasty Girl’, ‘Darling Nikki’, ‘Chelsea Rodgers’, ‘Cinnamon Girl’ or his ‘Lady Cab Driver’, driving them ‘Delirious’ whilst working up a ‘Black Sweat’. Prince an incredibly Sexy Dancer’ could ‘Dance On’ regardless albeit ‘Under The Cherry Moon’, on ‘Alphabet St’ or in ‘Paisley Park’, for ’17 Days’ on a ‘LoveSexy’ groove, whilst shaking his ‘Tambourine’. This is Prince’s ‘Housequake’ and he is the ‘Life O’ The Party’, so ‘If You Feel Like Dancin’’ like it’s ‘1999’, get dressed in your ‘Diamonds And Pearls’, put on your ‘Raspberry Beret’, jump into a ‘Little Red Corvette’ and ride ‘Gangster Glam’ style. Prince could make everybody ‘Get Offf’ to his ‘Party Up’ music, and many ‘Adore”’Prince for his unique dress sense and ‘Sticky Like Glue’, ‘Extraloveable’ androgynous attraction. To be honest ‘Nothing Compares To You’ Prince Rogers Nelson, so thank you ‘Dear Mr Man’, Mr ‘Hot Thing’ for the ‘Beautiful Loved & Blessed’ compositions and recordings. ‘Sometimes It Snows In April’ but in that month of 2016 sadly it melted and became a cloud of tears coloured in ‘Purple Rain’ for Mr ‘Musicology’ …for your artistry ‘My Love Is Forever’ to ‘The Max’.

Morning on this pinch punch Junesday 1st 2021. Here is the front cover of our 15th Anniversary edition 92 of The Soul Survivors Magazine for June & July 2021. It features news reviews & interviews with Morgan Khan, Marcus Miller, Hayden Browne(HB Soul II Soul) & Andrew Levy (BNH). We get the printed issues back end of this week and the digital should be ready for viewing in the next Eddie Murphy ’48 Hours’. We are the ‘info provider for the soul survivor’….still!!

Here’s a Blue Peter one I drew earlier during lockdown last March. Gladys Knight born today in (1944) sometimes known as The Empress of Soul was born in Atlanta Georgia and formed Gladys Knight & The Pips with her cousins in the early 1960s. They joined Motown and had success with funky cover versions of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’ and Sly Stone’s ‘Thanks You For Letting Me Be Myself’. Gladys sung lead on the incredible ballad ‘Neither One Of Us’ which was later sampled by Angie Stone for ‘No More Rain’. The group signed to Buddah Records in 1973 with Gladys’ deep and meaningful voice gracing classics You’re The Best Thing That To Happen To Me’, ‘Midnight Train To Georgia’ and the disco classic ‘There’s A Better Than Good Time’. Gladys and the Pips signed to Columbia Records in 1980 and had hit’s with ‘Taste A Bit Of Love’ and ‘Bourgie ‘Bourgie’ both written by the Ashford & Simpson song writing team. Happy earthday to Gladys who is 77 today..a true soul survivor so play her music loud & proud today♥

Detention for me as I neglected to say Happy 55th earthday yesterday to Janet Jackson so it would rude not to share this Blue Peter one I drew earlier in Nov 2020. It’s the front cover of her debut A&M self titled 1982 album which showcases that famous ‘Young Love’ smile Janet is famed for….thank you for you ‘Pleasure Principal’ musical contributions ♥

‘I Wish’ for you to join me in celebrating ‘Mr Wonderful’ on his 71st earthday today 4pm-6pm for a 2 hour live in the mix ‘Rocket Love’ homage to the 8th Wonder Stevie on

Morning tis the Heavenly 88th earthday of Soul Bro Numero Uno James Brown. I will be doing a two JB Homage hour show between 2pm-4 today on .
It will me a mixture of ‘Soul Power’ and chat with short segments of recorded interviews featured in the Soul Survivors Magazine, statements and skits from a few who JB inspired, so hopefully you’ll join me whilst you ‘Get On The Good Foot’ like you got ants in ya pants and you need to dance!!
Good morning on this Swapshop Saturday, just spreading the love with a Blue Peter painting I did earlier and a few BP inspired and intended song titles, like strawberry jam on a hot buttered soulful toast, in remembering the musical prophet from Philadelphia Billy Paul.
‘It’s Critical’ that we remember Billy Paul one of the deep and philosophical ‘Black Wonders Of The World’. Billy Paul was for Philadelphia International Records what Marvin Gaye was to Motown, musical griot and deliverer of the the gospel and spiritual truth. Before Tashan kindly gave me his song ‘Soul Survivors’ to use as my radio show theme tune, I’d previously chosen Billy’s version of ‘Only The Strong Survive’ as my intro.
I loved Billy’s voice and smoothness and he was clearly someone who was clearly proud of his ‘Brown Baby’ heritage. Billy most certainly helped to ‘Let The Dollar Circulate’ in Philly International Records and often advised everyone in ‘America( We Need The Light)’. Billy was so full of ‘Enlightenment’ and will be fondly remembered for his effort to ‘’Bring The Family Back’ as he educated many in the ‘Game Of Life’.
Always championing ‘People Power’ whether he was ‘Takin’ It To The Streets’, encouraging the population including ‘Me & Mrs Jones’ to ‘Let’s Make A Baby’, or identifying the phoney ‘False Faces’. Billy Paul had style, a voice of pure ‘Peace Holy Peace’ quality and most certainly for me was a ‘First Class’ act, one of the true ‘Black Wonders Of The World’, so ‘Thank You For (This Blessing)’ Billy Paul passed 5 years ago today 24th April 2016 R.I.P.E(Rest in Peace Eternally)