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Ashford & Simpson-A Musical Affair (BBR)

From one of the 20th centuries most prolific singing song writing teams comes one of a few from the Cherry Red stables. The late Nickolas Ashford and his soul mate Valerie Simpson’s “A Musical Affair” arrives with 3 extra bonus tracks including the single and a previously unreleased long and welcomed version of the album’s anthem “Love Don’t Alway’s Make It Right”. After a very seductive “Rushing To” my personal favourite is “I Ain’t Asking For Your Love”. With an uplifting feel good factor message and harmonious vocal delivery “Make It To The Sky” and “We’ll Meet Again” share the orchestral strains and crescendos that always sounded epic on 70’s disco recordings. Don’t be fooled by the mellow beginning of “You Never Left Me Alone” as it does build up nicely before it reaches its 3-minute 50 mark. As well as the longer album version as a bonus check out the single edit of the power ballad “Happy Endings”. With other album titles “Send It” and “Come As You Are”, catch up the brilliance of Ashford & Simpson.

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