Greeting fellow soul survivors. Please read the following before submitting your nominations.

  • Nominations can be made by anyone;
  • Nominations are anonymous;
  • Any person, particular event, radio station, radio show, soul holiday, weekender etc that is felt to have made a contribution can be nominated for an award;
  • The majority of awards are up for nomination, however there are two below i.e. The Best Soul Surviving International Act and The Best Global DJ Remixer, where please only select one of the nominated persons which will represent a single VOTE for that person;
  • In the category of The Best Soul Club DJ, please list three DJ’s.  This is not representative in order preference;
  • The nominations cut off date is 31st December 2016;
  • Please only give your nominations once;
  • After the nominations have been collated, the top three nominations will go forward to the next stage of voting;
  • Being nominated does not guarantee that the nominee will go through to the next stage as it is dependent on how nominations are received;
  • The nominations will be counted and collated and the awards given on the basis of the people’s vote.  Soul Survivors HQ have no influence whatsoever. IT IS STRICTLY YOUR VOTE THAT COUNTS;
  • There will be no favouritism, nepotism or any other ‘isims and skizzims’;
  • At the awards ceremony there will be some lifetime achievement awards presented that are not up for nomination. These awards represent unsung heroes or heroins who have, over at least 4 decades, given their soul surviving services to the soul scene;
  • The results will be announced at the Soul Survivor Awards 17th February 2017 at Under The Bridge. We are also hosting the debut performance of ‘The Brit Funk Association’ made up of  members from a ‘British Hustle’ contingency namely, Beggar & Co and Brassroots and former members of Light Of The World, Hi Tension and Central Line. We then celebrate into the early hours of the 18th February the actual 53rd earthday of Fitzroy ‘The Original Soul Survivor’. In addition we celebrate his 30 years of Dj-ing from his aka ‘Da Buzzboy Fitzroy’ pseudonym and 10 years of The Soul Survivors Magazine. DJ’s will be Dez Parkes, Darrell S and Fitzroy Da Earthday Boy.
  • Tickets can be purchased for this event. A very limited number of early bird and meet and greet tickets are available here:

PLEASE NOTE fellow soul survivors just another nudge about filling in the nominations, we seem to be getting quite a few submissions where people are only completing one field for their chosen nomination, and are either putting N/A ,dashes, zero’s and crosses in the remaining field sections. It would be more universal and spreading the love if the other categories equally were given just that little bit of effort to be filled in.

We do respect your right if you choose not to, however it does make a mockery of the process, which has also highlighted that some submissions are not being registered properly by the system due to this.
Therefore if you wish your nominations of support to count you will have a successful notification if you have completed it correctly, if not you’ll have to check your form again. 

We highlight this because we have noticed that some people have said they have registered their nomination on Facebook but it hasn’t arrived with us. We are also carefully monitoring the nominations to ensure a fair process as it takes time to process the information, so please bear this in mind. We reserve the right to seek to authenticate votes, and if evidence of any malpractice is highlighted we will take the appropriate action to ensure the integrity of the universal voting process is unheld. Please note that if you give an invalid email address the vote will not be registered. Thanks for the energy and enthusiasm regardless Fitzroy

We look forward to receiving your nominations for the categories below.  Add the details required and click submit and we will do the rest.  The final nominees will be announced on the 1st January 2017 and then you can vote for your favourites here on our website.

Thank you for completing this form please click the submit button below to register your nominations.

IMPORTANT By clicking submit you agree that we may email you in the future for the purpose of asking your permission to be added to our database.  At that point you can opt out of receiving any further communication from us. Our primary purpose for asking for your email address is to verify an identity for nominations. Please be assured that any information you have provided will not be shared with any other third party under any circumstances whatsoever.